Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Reality of the Responsibility of Masculine Rulership in Relation to the Home

      In the beginning God created man first. Is that significant? Paul evidently thought that was. 1 Timothy 2:13. Adam therefore was a direct of image of God Himself. To Adam, also, was given the direct responsibility to care for, obey, and teach God's one and only instruction, not to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. To Adam it was given the responsibility to obey the command and teach the command to Eve, therefore it would be Eve's responsibility to obey Adam's command that was given to Him by God.
           Eve was created to help Adam to do what He was instructed to do which was to rule and inhabit the earth. Adam was created as the ruler and the one who was to be the authority over the earth, he was in leadership. God created Adam to be His representative to rule, on the earth. That is a profound reality. To Adam was given the responsibility to rule and to manage the earth as God would. Funny, even in a perfect world there was levels of authority.
     Now what is something that we always hear from popular Christianity? God never changes. That is very true and what He expects from His creation is the same. A good way to find out what a man or women is to do, is to look at what God created them for. Because of the curse, of course, our responsibilities have different aspects and challenges. We now have to deal with sin, death, suffering, and a stubborn ground to reap from.
      Now change how you view men. Now view them as God's elected representative to adequately rule the dominion that has been given to them, which could be no bigger than his very own household to a whole nation, or, the most important, the church. We can see that in Genesis where God says that Adam should rule over the creation, as God's image. So, man, we represent God before the dominion that you rule. That is a weighty, yet blessed responsibility. We are God's "ambassadors".

    To wrap up, God's way, to put it simply, is the best way. It amazes me how people kick against what God desires them to be, they kick against what is good and right, and how we have to do this fleshly earthly thing for satisfaction and enjoyment. Far be it from God's will to be unsatisfying and unenjoyable. Remember that one of the fruits of the Spirit is joy. The greatest joy in your life, eternal and temporal,  will be to do that which the Bible says God wants you to do, it will be being filled with the Spirit. Sin always brings suffering and pain.

     So men be the gracious and good ruler and authority in your family (that is, of course, if you are a father, the sons should be submissive to the authority that is over them), ruling as God would rule.