Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mindful Wanderings

Hello to all my readers who have stayed with me through this blog's journey. I must say, I've learned a great deal from this experience, putting my thoughts out into the public, and seeing how so many people can be reached through a single blog. It's been an exciting little journey for me, and I am thankful that you all supported me by reading these things.

But, I nearly fell off the face of the Earth. As you know, I haven't kept up with my blogging, and so this site more or less died off. That was definitely my fault for letting things get in the way of my writing, and as such I am sorry.

Now I am back in the blogging sphere, where I hope to stay. In an effort to make a more permanent and personal blog, I've just started Mindful Wanderings. This blog will be a bit more broad in the topics that it discusses, such as art, philosophy, biology, theology, and even some possibly random topics.

I hope that you all will decide to come along with me on my search for knowledge and wisdom (i.e. please follow my new blog!!!!).

God Bless.